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Tips for the DIY Pressure Washer


No matter what type or size of pressure washer you use, it is capable of injuring you. Most home use, and rental pressure washers use at least 1000 psi; some units as high as 3000 psi. Water under this kind of pressure will cause flying debris that can injure eyes. SAFETY GOGGLES OR GLASSES ARE A MUST!!!

These kinds of pressures can cut cloth and the skin under it. Always wear full-length sleeves and pants when using a pressure washer. Never operate a pressure washer from a ladder. Balancing with a high pressure wand is dangerous.

It is important to note that this kind of pressures can also damage the surface you are trying to clean. Follow these tips to avoid damaging or destroying any surfaces.

  1. Keep wand sweeps even. Variations in technique will produce variations in appearance.
  2. Never start or stop the wand on the surface. The stop and start points are obvious and hard to fix.
  3. Excessive pressure on wood surfaces (fences and decks) will cause feathering of the wood by raising the grain.
  4. When using a chemical cleaning product, make sure that it is safe for the surface to be cleaned and will not kill or damage any plants (ornamental, or lawn grasses) that it comes in contact with.


Preparations for Pressure Washing

  1. Locate water source for the washer. Outdoor faucets are best.
  2. If you are using an electric power washer, locate power sources. For safety reasons, make sure that these are GFCI type outlets.
  3. Check for any loose siding, masonry, or other items on the house. Repair or avoid these items.
  4. Make sure all windows and doors are closed. Seal any holes in the exterior to avoid water intrusion to interior of the house.
  5. Check for wasp and hornet nests. When disturbed, angry insects will sting you.
  6. Preplan the location of the pressure washer to avoid dragging hoses over shrubs and ornamental plants.

These TIPS are provided to aid in your pressure washing project. They are not intended to be a complete instruction for pressure washing. The variations in project conditions, and equipment capabilities are too numerous to cover here.

If you find you are not comfortable with undertaking a pressure washing project, contact us here at PWSI. We provide free bids and consultations.